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Ashtanga Yoga - Primary Series

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Discover The Ashtanga Primary Series in pictures!Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that follows a sequence of poses that should be committed to memory. Ashtanga can be practiced by beginner students to advanced students alike. This App can be used as a quick reference guide for those who are new to the practice and an excellent accompaniment for Mysore style practice where poses are added by your teacher as you progress.With Level 2 Authorized teacher Elise Greenspoon demonstrating the poses, this "Electronic Cheat Sheet" will help you: memorize the poses, learn the Sanskrit names of the poses, the transitions from pose to pose and learn where the dristi (or gaze) should be.You will be able to follow along the sequence of wonderful Asanas (poses) that are taught in the Primary Series.You will be able to practice where and when you want with quick and easy reference at your fingertips.